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Affordable Web Application Development
Web application development is the process and practice of developing web applications.

Professional website design should always give the power back to you, the website owner. All our websites are backed with industry leading content management systems, either custom made or open source.

Let your website be a business website or a personal website, you will be able to add pages (and sub-pages), edit and format texts, upload images, etc - "as easy as a Word document"! For Ecommerce websites, you will also be able to easily manage your catalogue, products, pages, content, customers, sales, etc. As an owner of a social networking website, we can help you to control the content and sections of the site, as well as manage the site's use, the site's users, members, etc.

At, Web Designer Australia, developing a simple website is in the blood. It is the core task of our team to ensure that your company website gets distinct recognition in the field and you are successfully able to deliver the goods. However, unique your requirement be, we can deliver the task effectively.

If your requirement is of a dynamic website, in which you can update information as you require, we can provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) driven website design. This will enable you to add and edit your information from your end. This application is very easy and it really helps you to edit the information easily. For Web Development and Application Development, we are able to undertake design in any technology you may lead.

There are many entities that require applications for the Web-one example would be Business-to-Business interaction. There are many companies in the world today demanding to do business with each other over secure and private networks. This process is becoming increasingly popular with a lot of overseas companies who outsource projects to each other. From the simple process of transferring funds into a bank account, to deploying a large scale Web services network that updates pricing information globally, the adoption of a Web applications infrastructure is vital for many businesses.
Technologies we can use:
CSS ColdFusion Java EE
JavaScript Perl PHP
Ruby, including Ruby on Rails CGI ISAPI/NSAPI
The Phases in a Web Application Project
The Web application development process has 4 phases:
Envisioning the nature and direction of the project

In this phase, the customer and developers assigned to the project come together and establish the goals and the solution which must be achieved. This includes recognizing the limitations that are placed on the project, scheduling, and versioning of the application. By the end of this phase, our target should be to formulate a clear documentation on what the application will achieve.
Devising the plan

Our next step is to devise the plan and here; our team must determine the "how's" of the application and get all the technicalities clear.
Some of the issues that may need attention are: What scripting language is most appropriate, which features must be included, and how long will it take? The main tangents at this point are clarifications of the project plan and functional specification. The project plan determines a timeframe of events and tasks, while the functional specification outlines in detail how the application will function and flow

After the completion of the project plan and functional specification, it is important to set a baseline, for the development work to begin. The programmer/s or Web developer/s begins coding, testing and publishing of data. This phase establishes the data variables, entities and coding procedures that will be used throughout the remainder of the project. A milestone document is prepared by the development team, which is then handed to management for review.
Testing, support and stability

We believe this is the most important aspect before we deliver the goods. The more time spent here –better. According to our system, the stability phase of the application project mainly focuses on testing and the removal of bugs, discrepancies and network issues that may otherwise cause the application to fail. It is here that policies and procedures are established for a successful support system which works smoothly for your businesses.
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